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2016 yearbooks to arrive soon

Older yearbooks also remain on sale.

Come by room 117, preferably before school, during lunch or 8th period. See Mr. Billnitzer and please bring your receipt, if possible.

The yearbook theme is "Clawing the Surface." It is 144 full color pages and represents countless hours of student work. It's a hard copy document of the 2014-15 school year with scores of great photographs!

Advance sales of the 2015-16 yearbook will go on sale soon at a significant discount on campus and online at soon. Thank you for your support! 




Journalism I (period 2, period 7) classes allow students to learn and understand the work involved in being a journalist while striving to make them more media savvy. There's a heavy emphasis on styles of writing for newspaper, Internet and broadcast. Page design, photography, aspects of advertising, public relations and Internet journalism are also studied in JI.

Photojournalism (period 1,4,5,6) classes thoroughly cover the history, present and future of photojournalism. Students are not required to own a camera but are expected to write and will use digital cameras. Current events are also emphasized. 

Journalism II, III, IV - (period 3) Journalism I or Photojournalism are prerequisites (either course will do). Students produce the Owls' Nest and yearbook annually, employing the same skills and equipment used in professional media.


I will have my conference period during 8th period and am happy to meet with parents or anyone who cares to meet with me then.

Thank You for supporting HHS journalism!