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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Counselors' Corner!


Hello Owls!  We are so glad you are visiting our webpage.  Here, you will find information about scholarships, testing, dual credit, college and career readiness, and many other resources. Ms. Zepeda is serving students whose last names begin with A-L, and Mrs. Alvarado is serving students whose last names begin with M-Z.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything!!



College and Career Resources

Testing FFAQ's

Senior FAQ's

Dual Credit FAQ's


Upcoming Events:

December 14--American Legion Oratorical Contest (Scholarships available--see counselor for details)

January 25--Balfour will be here during lunch for late cap and gown orders


Remind Account for Seniors:  SENIORS and SENIOR PARENTS, You are all encouraged to sign up for Remind 101.  In case you are not sure what that is, it is a one-way text messaging app that will allow you to receive any text messages that are sent out regarding senior stuff (scholarships, deadlines, graduation, meetings, etc.) You will not be able to respond to the messages via text, but you are always welcome to email or call your counselor if you have any questions.  If you would like to sign up for these reminders and notifications, please text @hondo2018 to the short code 81010 



UTSA Ready is a program that helps juniors and seniors prepare for the rigor of college level coursework, particularly Math and Writing.  College Readiness programming is also prevalent throughout the sessions.  The program is FREE, and is consists of one Saturday session each month.  Please go to to register.



Texas A&M University Informational Session--Do you know how to become an Aggie?  TAMU will holding informational sessions for high school seniors who are interested in applying.  See the flyer for more details.



The scholarships listed below are just a sample of scholarships available to students.  Some are local, some are national, and some sites will take you a scholarship search webpage. It is very important to know that this is not all scholarships available to students! Many companies offer scholarships to their employees or employees' children, so ask your boss if they offer scholarships! Various organizations offer scholarships, so it is a good idea to ask any organizations with whom you are associated if they offer a scholarship! The most important place to apply for scholarships is the college or university you will be attending!


RECENTLY ADDED SCHOLARSHIPS (Click on the name to apply)

Texas Farm Bureau Scholarships--TFB has several scholarship opportunities open to students who are members of a Texas Farm Bureau family.  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.

American Legion Oratorical Contest--This is open to ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS! Students must give an 8-10 minute speech regarding the U. S. Constitution.  A local contest will be held at Hondo High School on December 14.  The winner will receive a scholarship and move on to the next round of competition.  See Mrs. Alvarado or sign up in the office if you are interested!

Catholic Life Insurance Scholarship--Must be a member of Catholic Life Insurance.  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.

Texas Student Housing--This scholarship is open to students accepted to colleges in Austin, College Station, and Denton, TX.  The deadline to apply is January 31, 2018.

Southwest Texas Junior College Scholarship Application--For students planning on attending SWTJC.  The deadline to apply is March 25, 2018.




American Council of the

American Institute of


Best Buy

Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Coca-Cola Two Year

College Board




Environmental Studies

Federal Scholarship & Aid

Find Money for

Gates Millennium

Harry S. Truman

Hispanic College

Hispanic Scholarship

Horace Mann

Jackie Robinson


MALEF Law School

Minorities Scholarships--


National Alliance for

National Black

National Hispanic 

Native American 

Orphan Foundation of

Rhodes Scholarship at

Sallie Mae's Free




Scholarship on the 

Scholarship for

Sports Scholarships and



Wildlife Leadership



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Graduation Toolkit--This is information for all High School Students regarding graduation requirements, post-secondary planning, university resources, workforce resources, and much more!

Graduation Plans--This includes information relating to the Foundation Graduation Plan, Endorsements Flowcharts, Performance Acknowledgements, and more!


FAFSA Updates--Click here for announcements and updates regarding Financial Aid.

FAFSA Presentation from UTSA--Step-by-step instructions and other useful information for students applying for financial aid at any college

Financial Aid Application--Click here to apply for Financial Aid.


Resume Writing

College Essay Writing Tips


College and Career Planning with a ton of information about Texas colleges. sure where you want to go?  Try SuperMatch to help you find the best school for you! provides information about over 100 different college majors. much will you be able to afford with your future career? careers that match your interests! is a great website that will allow students to tour any campus in the United States. 


Practice Tests

SAT, ACT and more Practice Tests

PSAT Interpretation tests on subject areas, test prep for SAT, an much more!



ASVAB Practice--Interested in the military?  Use this practice test to prepare for the ASVAB!

Military Branches


Dual Credit Information

Fall 2017 Deadlines

Spring 2018 Deadlines


Social Media Warning


STOP BULLYING--Information about bullying, including cyberbullying, and how to prevent and respond to it.  STOP BULLYING NOW!!




Children's Bereavement Center--(210)736-4847 


24-Hour Crisis Hotline--(877)466-0660--Please call if you are in a crisis situation.  This can be physical, mental, or emotional.  Help is available!


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1. What are the ACT and SAT?

The ACT and SAT are college entrance exams that 4-year colleges and universities require.  Many admissions decisions are based on ACT and SAT scores. 


2. When should I start taking the ACT and SAT?

The earlier, the better!  You can take the ACT and SAT multiple times.  Some students like to start taking these tests in 9th grade to become more acquainted with the test.  We recommend taking your first college entrance exam no later than your junior year.  College applications open on July 1 each year, and most require a score in order to apply.


3. Do I need to take both tests?

Not necessarily, but we recommend trying both tests to see how you score.  The tests have many differences, and some students prefer one over the other. 


4. What is the PSAT?

The PSAT is an exam administered each October.  It is recommended that all 10th and 11th graders take the PSAT.  It is great practice for the SAT, and when you take it your junior year, you automatically get entered into the National Merit Scholar program with a chance to earn very prestigious scholarships and honors.  The PSAT is administered during the school day at Hondo High School.  The cost is $15. 


5. Where can I go to register for these tests? 


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1. When can I start applying to colleges?

Many colleges and universities begin accepting applications on July 1.


2. How do I apply to college?

Most colleges in Texas accept applications through the website Many private universities use  You can always check the college's website for more information about the application process.


3. When can I start applying for scholarships?

You can start immediately!  By doing a search for "scholarships" online, you may be able to find 100's of scholarships that will be right for you.  In the fall, we will have a few local scholarship applications available; however, most of the local scholarship applications come out in the spring. It is also very important to remember to apply for scholarships from the college of your choice--these scholarship applications are available on the college websites.  Here are some websites you may want to check out in your spare time this summer: 


4. What are some tips for filling out scholarship applications?

Fill them out neatly, make sure you follow all the directions, make sure the application is complete, and be sure to turn them in on time!  The essay is also very important, so take care in writing an essay that is grammatically correct and has interesting content. 


5. When can I apply for financial aid?

You can apply for financial aid after October 1 at


6. How do I request a transcript from HHS?

There is a "Transcript Request Form" in available in the office--fill this out and turn it in.  Please allow a few days for us to fulfill your request.


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1. How do I register for Dual Credit?

If you requested a Dual Credit course on your Course Selection sheet in April, then you will be registered for the requested course through HHS. 


2. Do I need to apply to SWTJC?

Yes, but you need to attend a session at HHS with the counselors to complete your application.  There are certain parts of the application that must be completed a certain way in order to ensure that you do not get dropped from classes once you are registered. 


3. I see advertisements in town about signing up for classes at I need to go online and do that?

No, we register you for all Dual Credit classes through HHS.


4. Will I need to take the TSI Exam?

You will need to take the TSI Exam if you are not exempt based on your STAAR, ACT, or SAT scores. 


5. How much do Dual Credit classes cost?

Dual credit classes will cost about $250.00 each per semester.


6. When is my payment due?

August 18 for the Fall 2017.  If you are unable to pay the full amount at once, SWTJC may be able to provide a payment plan for you.


7. When is the first day of class?

 Dual Credit classes will begin on August 28.


8. How do I get my books?

Students are responsible for buying their textbooks for Dual Credit classes.  You can create an account at the SWTJC Bookstore on the SWTJC website,, in order to learn the details of which books you will need to purchase.  Once you create an account, you will need to search by the course number of the class(es) you will be taking.  You can also call the bookstore at 830.591.7263 for help on finding the right books. Here is a list of the course numbers:

  • English III and IV is ENGL 1301
  • US History is HIST 1301
  • Government is GOVT 2305
  •        College Algebra is MATH 1314
  •        Psychology is PSYC 2301
  • Intro to Criminal Justice is CRIJ 1301
  • Principles of Business is BMGT 1327

Books can be pricey to buy, but you can often rent them from a variety of websites or buy the e-book version for a lower price.  You can certainly purchase your textbooks at the SWTJC bookstore, but here are some additional websites that may be helpful:     

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